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Zoosk dating is a very old-timer in the dating industry on international waters. A registration process is fast and easy, you can use your Facebook or Google accounts as well, if you wish. Zoosk is the real maker of the very famous Like / Don't like game where you can easily find a match or skip to the next possible love. The site is not so sophisticated, but it's all just fine for the everyday use. Singles from all over the world can find their true love on this dating site. On Zoosk dating, which started in 2007 sadly there are a lot of fake profiles. The owners of the dating site try to do something about this. The use of the basic features are completely free, but if we want to get in touch with anyone, we have to pay for this feature. While we use Zoosk dating, we can collect coins, and we can send small gifts to anyone for a price. With a unique feature called SmartPick, the dating site offers us possible matches - we can decide who we like and who we want to simply skip. Unfortunately, while using Zoosk dating, it seem as if they were not so many people on the site, and sadly there aren't enough automated recommendations for us.

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