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Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world today, in the first half of 2016. What is the secret recipe, which helped Tinder to find a new way in dating? The answer is easy: simplicity and privacy - you don't have to answer anyone who you think not a good match for you. We can't even contact to anyone, until we both like each other based on our photos and minimal information we post about ourselves here. After you start the application, you have to connect your Facebook account. Without one, you simply can not join to Tinder community. After that, we can copy photos from Facebook albums, we don't have the possibility to upload photos directly to Tinder. You can see only one single user at a time, you can like her or him, or skip. At this point nothing happens, until the “other side” likes us back. Actually, with a basic account, the other side won't be notified that you liked her or him, a notification will appear only if they like you back. As soon as this happens, you can start to chat. If we pay a monthly fee, we can have 5 superlikes per day. If you send a superlike to anyone, it will show up in their application as soon as they log into the dating app. There is no guarantee that they will answer to that, but if yes, you can start messaging. We can only upload only some photos, but we can connect our Instagram account so virtually, we are not limited to post every picture about us. Tinder brought a new world to the dating business, and not like most of the dating sites, Tinder doesn't have a website with singles yet. They only have mobile applications, and they actually conquered this mobile world. Based on statistics, a lot of users look for one-night stands here, so be careful to whom and where to meet, especially if we really want to find serious, even life-long relationship.

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