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Parship dating can be found in different languages and countries, so as in England, so we can say it is an international dating site. When you want to join, you have to fill a personality test, which takes about 20-30 minutes, depends on the time you think on each points of it. This helps us introduce ourselves to other single users of the site - lets face it, this is a very hard thing for a lot of people, so we won't have any problem with this on this dating service. After that, the site gives us a summary of the test, based on our answers, we can believe it or not, it depends on us. This test helps the system to minimize the false and fake accounts, so we don't have to worry about that here, not like on other dating sites where you can register with a simple click via Facebook services. Based on our results, the system will provide us, mathematically correct results, but let's add quickly that it narrows down the number of possible pairs for us. If we visit someone's profile, we can compare our results, and we can see which values we agree and which may be less. The first problem is, that we are not able to see the photo of anyone, not even their registered name, essentially all that remains hidden. We can make notes, add to favorites, or we can remove anyone from future search result, but we can't see them. We can have a Premium Account for a very high price, but with it, we can see everything and use the dating site's all features. An interesting feature is that they have a Contact guarantee. If you buy a 6 or 12 month long Premium Account, promises that you'll contact as least 10 singles whom we will contact in the near future. If this doesn't happen, we get an extra 6 month subscription package, completely free.

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