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OKCupid dating can be a separate category in the big sea of dating sites. Attempts to be playful, be a bit unique, it's a kind of style, what you might like or dislike. It depends on our personal needs. We will decide it very fast, when using the dating site, so it's possible to fall in love with, but also a possibility that we leave as soon as we can, because we simply do not like the way it display functions. In terms of active users this dating site is quite a good, moderators try to get rid of fake profiles quickly as possible - sometimes they can do, sometimes they can't, but that's a fact, that has fake profiles as well, just like most of the dating sites nowadays. While we use the dating site, various questions appears from time to time, which can be answered by us. Based on our answers, the site calculates a percentage on how much we match with other single users. We can check out the answers on everyone's profile, which is a good start if we want to contact with someone. Of course, we don't have to respond to each question, it could take about days or even weeks if we can't answer them fast. However our answers can be seen by everyone who visits our profile so the more we answer, the more other will know us. If we want to browse other singles on dating, we can choose some parameters, one of the features that we have to pay for is detailed search with more options. The question is, is it worth to pay for detailed search, to browse anonymously, to see if anyone read your message, and some other features? With the free version we still have a very good chance to find someone. They call the like / don't like game as Quickmatch, so you'll find this one here too. If you're on the go and still want to find live, you can download the mobile application as well.

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