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The Lovestruck UK dating site is a very average dating site. At first glance it feels a bit of out of date design and user experience. Previously, only users from bigger cities was able to join the site, now it is more open minded, of course because of this, Lovestruck UK lost a bit of its uniqueness, now every single from all over the world can join the dating site, just like a lot of other international dating sites. After a simple registration, which can be done with our Facebook account as well, we can start to use the dating site immediately, to browse through other single people, just like us. Might seem a bit too noisy for the first time, too much things, too much boxes, a lot of opportunity for smaller adjustments, we have to get used to it. The owners of the dating site didn't pay enough attention to the photos, let's be honest, on a dating site, the first thing you check is someone's appearance. After filling out your profile, the dating site shows how much you match with other singles on the site. You can believe it or not, but this can be a very good guide, or it can be a great start for the first message we send to someone. If you already sent messages to someone but you don't have an idea which way to go on a date, Lovestruck UK can help with that. Everyone on the site can write about their ideal dating place, so you can browse through the ideas. Users can vote the ideas, so you can check a toplist of them if you want. It is also a bit unique solution that we have to pay for the Premium Membership, based on where we live. Citizens of bigger cities may pay a bit more, but unfortunately this is almost inevitable, because without this, we can't even check the registered users photos.

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