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Fiilr dating

Fiilr dating
1. dating started in 2015, and in a very short period of time, it increased it's user base very nicely. Although can't compete with the biggest dating websites yet, the team behind it is on a very good way. The dating site usability is very good, very easy to find every feature, and it gets new features and possibilities from time to time. After a very easy registration (you can also use your Facebook or Google account as well for log in), the dating site asks questions about us. Based on our answers, other singles get to know us more and more. With this, almost unique feature in the dating industry, we can see how other singles think about the same questions, we get a percentage of a possible match, based on our answers. If our answers are different, no problem: it is a very good ice breaker for sure to talk about those. Without a Premium Membership, you can view every profile, every picture and you can send messages to other singles, with a daily limit. If you choose to be a Premium Member, you can find very generous and fair prices. Or, if you want to save money, you can invite your friends for free membership or you can wait a subscription discount in the near future. is a must see and a very good dating site to start with.

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