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With our dating tips, you’ll know how to start your online dating experience. We will help you to feel yourself safe on all online dating sites, and when you meet someone in person. We hope these tips help you find the love of your life on a serious dating site.

What is online dating?

Online dating sites gives dating services for everyone and mainly single people on the internet. On dating sites, registered users can easily find other single people with specific filters like residence, age, height and so on. With the search function of nearly all of the dating sites, anyone can find a new relationship, or a new friend if you are there for that. It is worth to check a dating site even if you only want to chat with other people, so if we don’t want a serious relationship, on dating sites, you can find long term friendships as well. On almost every dating site, the main features are completely free, you don’t have to pay for them. Although, on a lot of dating site you have to pay for a subscription when you want to contact with someone, but you should try at least once. You don’t have anything to loose: dating on the internet could feel like it is something weird, but if you try it one time, you’ll see, this is a very exciting way to meet new people.

Is online dating secure?

Internet based dating is basically very secure and you can have a lot of new positive experiences if you apply some basic rules. One of the biggest benefits of internet based dating, that before you meet some new in person, you have the possibility to know this person very well. You can’t wake up after night party next to someone you barely know, who may not your kind of partner. You should talk to each other first, before you arrange a meeting in person. Meanwhile you’ll know, that the one you talk to is really there for a serious relationship or only for a one night stand. The other good and safe reason for online dating is that you can easily talk to more than one person at a time, you can arrange different meetings anywhere, and even if we weren’t good enough for each other, we can leave in peace, nothing happens. If we meet someone in a nightclub or somewhere else, we don’t have so much chance to talk to another person as well, there is a big chance that one of them will be easily jealous.

Choose a well known dating site!

Before you pick or pay for any feature on a dating site, you should read about it first. That is very important. A very new or an unknown dating site has the disadvantage, that it may have a very small registered user base, and it may have much more fake profiles, than an older, well known dating site. Try to choose a dating site, which doesn’t show us a suspiciously big user base when the site just started, because it is not necessarily true. A well known and well-established dating site you can find features which you may not know for the first time: they protect your personal data much more, they have faster moderation than the dating sites which don’t have so much registered users, and on a site like this, you’ll find much less fake profiles. Who wants to be on a dating site, where you can’t be sure that the one you wrote for will write you back or not, right?

Be aware of your personal data!

For every website, and of course for dating websites as well, it is very important for us to be very cautious, when we give someone any of our personal data. When you arrange a meeting, try to arrange it anywhere but to your home, try a more public place for the first time. We shouldn’t give our phone number either, we can find each other in different ways, like we can tell each other what we’ll wear. A very important part of dating and relationships is trust, we have to give some time for this. You shouldn’t give everything about yourself for the very first time. If someone insists that you give your number, reject it, because if we are not on the same side on the first date, it wouldn’t be great if the meeting partner can send us unwanted short messages. If both of your like each other, then surely change numbers!

Protect yourself on personal meetings!

A personal appointment can also be risky, even if you not arrange it online. For online dating when you try to arrange a date, pay attention to be some kind of a place where other people can be too. You do not have to be alone, only together on the first date, a dinner can be very romantic, a cocktail at a bar, or a walk in the city. Because you never know who you meet, you may want to pay attention to every little move. Obviously you don’t have to fear of a personal meeting, but don’t blindly follow every request of our newly met friend, better think ahead as to say afterward that I could have done it another way. Most of the singles, especially those who wants to find their love on the internet wants to find a serious relationship. The Internet based dating mostly starts free from party and alcohol, and anything can happen after it. Let's give a chance to online dating!

Are dating sites expensive?

The pricing of online dating sites are different. There are some totally free dating site, but on these sites, there aren’t so much registered users, because the quality of these sites is not usually appropriate. There are dating sites where the basic functions of the site are completely free of charge, or we can use these with limitations. On these dating sites, you should try the features first. If we think we’ll stay on a site like this, we like the features of it, then it is worth to subscribe. The subscription charges are different on almost every site, but of course there are more expensive dating sites than the competition. There are many dating sites with not just monthly, but three, six maybe twelve month subscription packages as well. In such cases, the chosen package must be prepaid, but the costs per month are up 30-50 percent lower. Pay attention to the choice of the same package would certainly be cheaper paying by credit card or bank transfer than with SMS or postal check payment.

How many dating site I should register?

The big advantage of online dating is that at a time we can be in touch with many others. Several major dating site proclaims to have a success guarantee because they have a lot of registered and active singles, so we can easily find our love of life. But you shouldn’t trust these completely, these are only marketing stuff almost every time. You should register to 2-3-4 dating sites as well because you do not know where you run into that special someone who will be our partner for your entire life. Be careful not to subscribe to every dating site at the same time, wait a few days because so many dating sites have special deals after 3-5-7 days after you register. Of course, if someone write a message to us and you can’t see it, you may want to subscribe immediately. We only pay attention to always register to a dating sites which is unique, and not as part of a bigger corporation with sister sites. Many smaller sites have already acquired by large dating sites, but it usually has the same user base on both dating sites. You should try to avoid this, so in this case you won’t pay unwanted monthly fee.

How can we choose a good dating site?

Today on the Internet there are a lot of dating sites, and every month, a new one opens up. Indeed it is a difficult decision to choose only one or some of them. You should register to not one, but at least three or four dating sites as well at the same time, to see if you like the layout of one or another, you like the ages of other singles or not, are there any good features you can try on the actual dating site, and try to decide which one you choose based on what you like the most. Anyone can recommend a dating site for you, but if you don’t like for example the color theme or the mood of it, you won’t stay there long. We can read articles about dating sites, but be careful: many articles about dating sites are advertising articles, and the owners of the datings sites payed for those, which do not fully reflect the truth. Obviously the best is, when a good friend recommends us a dating site, especially if they have personal experience with the mentioned dating site. Do not forget that you not necessarily spend long time on a dating site. Your goal is to find the your partner, and we will use a dating site for only 2-4 months.

Upload your best photos to the dating site!

A lot of singles doesn’t like to upload a photo because they think that the photos are not good enough, or simply someone don’t want to be notified by friends that he/she is on a dating site. When you join to a dating site you must forget such problems. It is certain that a registered user with an uploaded and approved photo will have much more messages and answers than the ones without any. If someone on a dating site doesn’t have a photo, others may think that “this single has to hide something”. Do not fall into this trap, you don’t need to write on your about section that you’ll send photos in private, on dating sites you have to be open just like you should be in a nightclub or anywhere else where you want to meet someone. Wherever you think you are looking for someone, you won’t have a mask on yourself either. Dare to be open on online dating sites as well, so you’ll have much greater success this way.

Complete your profile!

It is very important on online dating sites, in addition to the photo you upload to have a nice and complete profile as well. It isn’t a good strategy to mention that you can not say anything about yourself, or anyone will know you in person. Whoever is on an online dating site, they exactly there because they want to know and learn more about you before the first personal meeting. The online dating is based on getting to know each other, find common voice and interests. If someone's profile is empty or nearly empty, other users may ask themselves why there is no info on this profile, this user may be very quiet, or maybe they can’t even talk with you about anything. Simply try to be yourself, and of course very important that you enter real information on every dating site. There is no problem if you don’t give your real name first, but information like your height, smoking habit, or stuff like that, you shouldn’t lie. Simply not worth it, because on a possible personal meeting, if you didn’t say the truth, your new acquaintances may leave the place sooner than you think forever.

Be active on a dating site!

The biggest problem with a lot of singles on the internet, when someone is too inactive. When you receive a letter from someone who is not sympathetic, you should still respond to it. A nice rejection is much better, than you receive 4-5 more messages from that someone, who may not know that you actually got their message or not. You can use a template answer for that kind of answers, after that on the other side, the user will know that you are not interested in meeting her or him. The activity does not mean that should keep using chat, post constantly in forum, or like every photo you see. Let’s be active for own benefit. Look for those who we’d like the most, ladies, don’t think that your knight will easily find you, try to find yours! The dating communities are changing very quickly, within a few days, weeks or a few months actual active users leave and new ones will come. Do not expect that love will find you, you’ll have to do your part also to find real love!

Don’t be afraid of rejection!

Being a registered member of a dating site has the great advantage that if you do not want, you don’t have to tell face to face, you do not want anything from the other single. Just like that, don’t pay attention, when you may not get an answer from someone, or don’t be afraid if you get a negative response from an other single. So to speak, you should simple leave it and find another one through search function of any dating site. This is the best thing that unpleasant situations can easily be avoided with an online dating service. Also, no need to feel bad, even if we get a lot of rejection, sooner or later you will surely find someone who will like you as much as you can love her or him. Don’t forget that on the majority of dating sites there is a large number of lady and gentleman also look for a better partner, a love of their life so we can talk to them as well. In a nightclub it is not possible to meet 20-30 different person on a single day. With this in mind the number of rejection is much higher on a dating site. Don’t lose hope, just move on and find your love!