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On the registration process is standard. We give basic information, and shortly after we'll have to answer a series of questions to refine our profile a bit. Later, we can express our answers, so our profile visitors can get a more accurate picture of us. The design of the dating site changed in the first half of 2016, but even with these changes, the site could feel a little outdated to modern eyes. You can browse the site for free, we can view anyone's photos and introductions. Even writing a message on this dating site is free, which is rare among the online dating industry. However we cannot send contact information outside the dating site (such as email address, phone number or other contact information), as long as we do not buy a subscription. Maybe this can be tricked with some text changes or special characters, but if the moderators find out, you'll be banned from the dating site. After registration you get a six-day trial period, during this time you'll find out is it worth to stay and pay here, or maybe try our luck elsewhere. While you browse, you can see who is online, who are the new members, and you can see, who's birthday is the actual day. If you have lot of time, you can read, or even make new topics in's forums. Unfortunately, the number of active users aren't as good as we want, but if you think, you can try it, after all, you have nothing to lose. In the worst case, after the six-day trial period you leave.

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